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Our Services

Our SEO Services in Cochin packages are developed keeping in mind the small as well as large businesses. Unlike other WEB and SEO Firms, in our affordable SEO packages and Website packages we guarantee you not only top search engine rankings but also leads and sales.

Corporate Website

A cost effective way to establish a website presence to share information with customers and attract new prospects. Also serves as a great foundation for future expansion into e-Commerce. We coordinate, direct, design and integrate your company.

Flash Website

If ‘shock and awe’ is your objective, this is what you want. An impression that will surpass any questions or hesitations your customers have about your creative talents. We will make you a new & improved website for your needs.

Re-Design Website

So you have a website already? Don’t like it? Want control over the content? or Just want to have a creative update? Whatever the reason, we will make sure you have a new & improved look by Monday.

Custom Web Design

Our design team are experts in creating attractive custom sites that not only showcase a company unique capabilities, but also make it easier for people to do business with you. When creating your website, we always use the best practices possible.

e-Commerce Website

If you have products you want to sell online, this is the right package for you. A very user-friendly shopping cart design custom built for your needs. It also includes Product & Order Management tools to give you direct control over the backend system.

Custom Web Development

Identifying an appropriate software development model is the first step for any project. The model is based on the project’s requirements in terms of schedule, delivery, and quality. These may be the traditional software development models, or lightweight agile software development models involving feature-driven, responsive development. Each model is associated with a set of procedures. These procedures are designed to maximize benefits and reduce the risks that are inherent in any development project. Every solution that we deliver incorporates the best technology and development processes so that the desired objectives and priorities are met timely and efficiently. Our time-tested method ensures that the application we develop will evolve along with the customer’s business model. Some organizations have specialized needs, and generic services may not fit the bill. In this case, custom web development becomes necessary. It also means that your dynamic web site can be up and running in less than a day, with powerful CMS features, plug-ins, and database applications already running. For many websites, no further development is needed.

Mobile App Development

The internet has gone mobile. With the widespread popularity of smart phones and tablets, users are now able to interact with your brand in real-time. They can order dinner from their phone, download newspapers onto their tablets, and announce to their friends that they’ve “checked in” to your store. These technological developments have created a new set of user expectations: customers want to integrate your brand into their daily routines. But is your brand mobile-ready? At Host Direct, we have the know-how, experience, and the outstanding talent to help you to take advantage of the mobile revolution. Be it creating a new mobile E-Commerce platform, mobile social media integration, or producing breathtaking multimedia experiences, our team of developers will work with you to create new and innovative avenues for your users to engage with your brand via their smart phones and tablets. We stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology development to ensure your website is mobile compatible while building applications that will enhance your business’s mobile presence, providing a seamless user experience, mobile app architecture optimization and code optimization.

Web Sales Optimization

More traffic does not always equal more customers! In the world of online marketing your competitors are always just one click away. Host Direct has the skills, expertise, and knowledge to convert more site visitors into paying customers. Website Sales Optimization can also increase the effectiveness of your Pay per Click (PPC) campaign. The pitfalls of PPC can be simple or complex. Whatever the problems may be, nowadays the best solutions are usually found by running tests on multiple website layouts. Successful testing requires not only the ability to design effective web pages, but also the knowledge necessary to take advantage of the newest testing tools. These tools actually display different versions of your website to different visitors. Data is then recorded regarding each layout’s level of effectiveness. Host Direct has the insight necessary to use this data to maximize your website’s rate of conversion. Having a marketing website is a moot point if it doesn’t present conversion opportunities ie, generate leads and close customers. It’s making your website work for you as a sales tool, not just an informational brochure.

Online Branding

Host Direct embraces our clients’ brands to fully understand their tonality, voice, and essence. We research your brand, the assignment, and your competition to deliver an end product that meets user and business needs. A creative brief is developed to capture the ideal brand interaction online. Specific calls to action that are required to truly transform the online channel into an acquisition, retention, and participatory channel will need to be “baked” into the core creative concepts. Understanding the competition will enable the creative director to guide the team to highlight the attributes of the brand and its core functionality that is strongest. Three versions of look-and-feel will be developed for our clients to capture the aesthetic essence of the entire site. These concepts will include the home and two sub-pages, including how the third level of navigation is accessed. Host Direct believes in presenting a range of concepts as opposed to three variations of a concept we would expect to get approved. We will present a concept that pushes the envelope to accomplish business goals, with a middle and “comfortable” concept to provide a spectrum of concepts that range from conservative to aggressive. This pallet of concepts enables us to understand how aggressive you are willing to be and define a working parameter to produce a site design that meets a company’s goals and fully fits its culture and brand. The second round of concepts will take into account all the feedback to fine tune and polish a core look and feel for the online properties. The end result is an online look-and-feel and information architecture that meets the specific needs of the audience. Brand awareness is when people identify your brand to be yours under different conditions; whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. The first step is making your brand memorable – and a blog is the perfect vehicle for doing that. So, let’s break that down a little. In today’s business world people want to do business with other people more so than ever before! This is why it’s so important to focus on building a brand. Why? Because we trust people we know. We trust people that we have relationships with, and most of all – we like to do business with people we trust!

User Interface / User Experience

Useful. Simple. Intuitive. These are the watchwords of superior design, and it applies to every aspect of your business, from your company office to your company website. User interface design is all about making the complex simple and the ordinary extraordinary. It’s about knowing the goals of your users and anticipating their actions and expectations, maintaining the delicate balancing act between achieving that visual “wow” factor and retaining an easy-to-use functionality. At Host Direct, providing you with the best in user interface design is at the core of everything we do. However, having an easy-to-use interface does not guarantee a positive user experience—with everything we design, our focus is on creating the content, navigation, and features that will attract new visitors and keep your current users coming back. Whether it’s building a website, ecommerce platform, or mobile application, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your online outpost provides the greatest possible user experience. We provide you with a fully managed, time-tested process that will create the ideal experience for your audience. We don’t just learn everything about what your business offers, we also study the wants and needs of your customers to create an online environment that caters to their expectations.We do so to improve your relationship with your audience, resulting in more leads, increased conversions, and overall, better business. Our dedicated team of designers and developers are certified in user interface and user experience design and excel at creating sites and applications that not only cater to the needs of your users, but equally represent the needs and goals of your business. Even after we launch your site, the process isn’t over as we continue to monitor user interaction in order to reduce your bounce rate and increase time spent on your site, analyze user navigation to improve usability, and test different design changes to enhance user experience. Overall, with Host Direct, you never have to worry about whether your users are getting the most out of your site or application or whether your interests are being best represented. Our fully-managed design and development process guarantees it.

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